MEET Hayley ross

Mother, Teacher, Advocate

25 years of dedicated service in the school system

As a teacher, mother, and advocate, I have developed the skills necessary to serve our parents and children as their representative on the Miami-Dade school board and the strength of character to ensure they are properly heard

After retiring from teaching in 2015, I went on to be guardian ad litem for Miami, Dade County, representing children and their families and guiding them through a difficult time. As a parent and a teacher, I became aware of all the aspects of family life that impact our children’s development. Unfortunately, not all children have ideal homes, and it was painful to see some of the children slip through the cracks as a result. It was an honor to be their voice during difficult circumstances.

I am also a small business owner. And continue to be active and of assistance where I am needed.

passion. dedication.

I was blessed to have spent almost 25 years of my career as a teacher, and doing what I am most passionate about and growing as a result. There are so many aspects to education we, as parents and citizens, take for granted. We expect our teachers to navigate complex and complicated administration and relationships seamlessly and don’t know just how hard, it can be on a daily basis. Teaching allowed me to develop a broad range of skills that have prepared me for far more than what I did in the classroom.

curriculum + standards.

As a teacher of several subjects at the elementary school level, I dealt with a wide variety of curriculum and standards. I enjoyed the challenges and excelled in that environment. Effective teachers don’t just aid in the development of curriculum and implementing teaching plans. They need to be very confident leaders, effective project managers, skilled communicators, and diplomatic negotiators, all while navigating the delicate balance that is required to be a liaison between families and administration.  

trusted committee chair.

Having chaired many committees, I am aware of the challenges faced by our schools and our students today. I have been a liaison for parents and teachers. I have had the honor of mentoring new teachers.

ready to get our children the education they deserve & kick corruption to the curb?