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Our Kids need parents, not politicians.

Elect me, Mother, Teacher, Advocate.

I’m running for miami-dade school board TO:

  • Ensure our children receive the best education possible.

  • Make certain that family issues are handled by the family, with assistance as requested from their school.

  • Bring basics back to school without compromising innovation she will guide the standards of education into the future. We need to improve our students critical thinking skills. We need to provide our foundation that enables our students to be successful in every area of their lives. We need to make sure the sky is the limit for our students.

  • Provide school safety to ensure all schools are places where communities thrive, and all children and teachers feel safe.

  • Deliver common sense back to education.

  • Bring JOY back to the classroom


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Miami-Dade School Issues

You can count on me to work on these issues


Parental Rights

Parents should always be informed about their Children’s education and wellbeing


School Choice

Parents pay for their children’s education, and they should have the freedom to choose schools that better suit their children’s individual needs.


Transparency & Accountability

There are too many reports of mismanaged finances. I will work to improve the process and request audits of all current contracts and vendors.


Mental Health

There is a severe gap in mental health services, especially in underserved communities. There should be greater focus on bridging that gap by increasing the number of mental health professionals per student



Teachers should be allowed to focus on the basics, curriculum development, and nurturing our children’s curiosity.


School Safety

Children need to feel safe to thrive. I will audit the school safety program to ensure that procedures are up to date with the latest technology and data available.

what people say about Hayley…

Diane Harper Former Colleague, Orlando Florida

“Hayley was dedicated to putting her students first, caring for them, helping them to succeed. Hayley created a comfortable environment for all students – those who were academically gifted and capable and those students who needed help, guidance, and reassurance to succeed. She was dedicated to all of her students, and her classroom was warm and welcoming.”

Eduardo Vidal VP & General Counsel, EIB

“Education is too important to be left to the politicians and bureaucrats. Ordinary citizens and parents must get involved.”

Michele Houston Reading Interventionist, Plantation Key School, Tavernier, FL

“I offer my strongest endorsement for Hayley Ross as a nominee for the Miami-Dade County School Board Member position. She possesses the qualities, experience, and passion needed to make a meaningful and lasting impact on our educational community.”

Joan Saint-Hilaire Miami, Florida

“Hayley was an incredibly supportive colleague who cared deeply for the students under our care. She always took the time to know her students and adjust to their educational needs. EFL (Extended Foreign Language) was brought to our school due to her recommendation, and it has blossomed over the years thanks to her invaluable insight. She ensured that students were exposed to the arts by advocating for field trips to plays and The Nutcracker. During Hispanic Heritage Month, she’d provide cultural diversity by arranging EFL performances. Hayley also worked hard to stoke intellectual curiosity in her students. She was a huge proponent of the Miami Book Fair and would always secure seats during author visits for our 3rd graders. Whispering Pines Elementary earned an A status for many years, in part because of her students’ outstanding test scores. In every aspect, Hayley Ross is a wonderful asset to any environment. She would undoubtedly bring a positive and thoughtful influence to the school board.”

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